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Recycled wood:
memory and environment

Wood is Nature. An ancient and noble material, expressive in its veins, which recall its origin and history. A precious material that can be reborn an infinite number of times, a piece of nature able to blend perfectly and harmoniously with the framing shot.


I chose wood, the reclaimed wood in particular, because it bears the memory of past experiences and gives the photographic shot wisdom and value.


Photography touches reality without altering it, enhancing its beauty, details, atmospheres always with respect and delicacy. In the same way the use of reclaimed wood allows the work of art to have a light ecological footprint, which does not take from nature but simply exalts it.


The frames are made in different shades.


Regarding the dimensions, the available sizes are standard, but it is possible to request the creation of custom-made frames.


Standard sizes:







In the workshop...
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