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Susan, July 2015

Susanne ha realizzato un servizio per il nostro agriturismo, fotografando sia gli esterni che l'interno degli appartamenti. Durante il servizio è stata molto disponibile, collaborativa e professionale. Ha dedicato tempo per studiare e realizzare gli scatti migliori.

Le foto ottenute sono belle e luminose. Siamo molto soddisfatti del suo lavoro.

Grazie Susanne!

Susan, July 2015

Die Bilder von Susanne Paetsch sind traumhaft schön und qualitativ sehr hochwertig. Wir erfreuen uns in unserem Zuhause täglich über die Bilder.
Auch Bestellung und Lieferung sind unkompliziert und sehr zuverlässig.
Besonders hervorheben möchte ich Susanne Paetschs Herzlichkeit und Freundlichkeit.

Karin, April 2020

Chiara, July 2019

Alessio, March 2018

Jessica, October 2019

Susanne Paetsch is an excellent professional in her work. She loves her work and this makes her a perfectionist. We have the pleasure of working with her, her paintings are exhibited and on sale in our Atellier. (Atelier via Maggio) - Florence

Susanne's photos are transfigured poems. Technique, composition, attention to detail, make them modern decorative works but not minimalist . The personalization of the handmade frames adapts them to style and atmosphere, furnishing without weighing down and giving a touch of lightness and refinement to the environment.

Susanne is a very talented colleague. Her images are delicate, ethereal. I was able to confront her on several occasions and I always came out enriched. Her art is not limited to producing excellent photos, she skillfully makes frames in recycled wood with always different finishes, in tune with the image to which they are destined. For my last show, Susanne prepared wonderful frames for me, each one different from the other and all matching the images on display. 360 degree artist !!

Atelier Via Maggio, January 2017

Arcgallery, May 2017

Mas Foto, June 2017

Alice Corbetta, October 2016

Eva, aprile 2016

I contacted this artist when by chance I found some of her framed photos in a studio. I wanted a frame for a mirror to put in my room and I couldn't find anything to hit me ... my room is clear with a white wardrobe recessed into the wall and I wanted something to stand out. Her frames are wonderful for her photos, all recycled and bleached wood, wax, gold leaf ... the effect was truly remarkable ... I am really enthusiastic about the work. Excellent professional work / capable and helpful artist. a very big thank you.

Susanne, in addition to be a dear friend, is also a great professional. She has supported me in photo shoots of events with determination and reliability. It is always a pleasure to work with her. Her works reflect her reflective personality and her creativity in composing fine art photos, with shabby and modern wood frames, are elegant and unique.
I wish Susanne the success she deserves and I recommend her as a great professional to those who intend to collaborate.

I met Sussanne Paetsch as a photographer and as an artist. I personally find her photos very beautiful, a search that brings attention to the wonder of nature, interpreted with great technical wisdom. Her frames are very refined and are in harmony with her images, where every detail is taken care of: the exaltation of the veins of aged woods, the colors and the soft coatings. I asked Sussanne to take pictures of some of my creations  and the shots she took are professional and fully meet my expectations

Susan, July 2015

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