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I am Designer and Photographer, I collaborate with architecture and interior designers, art galleries, hotels, restaurants, shops and private homes.


A few years ago I was asked to do a photo shoot for a website for the sale of wines. Taking photographs among the vineyards, I realized how much beauty is hidden in nature. This was the beginning of a new project ....


The passion for photography and the work experience acquired as a designer have therefore turned into an artistic profession. In the lens of my photographs, botany is portrayed above all, .... a petal, a branch, a leaf, but not only the theme of the sea and the ancient statues are also part of my collection. I combine the photographs with supports such as frames and cubes in recycled wood that I myself renovate in my workshop on the hills near Florence where I live. With my artworks I try to underline the guiding theme of nature portrayed in my photographs through the use of aged wood. In my artistic journey I investigate the beauty and purity of the subject, finally seeking the best balance between photography and aged wood, to arrive at a harmonious and decorative work. Thus I combine the creativity of Fine Art Photography with handcrafted Design.


I collaborate with national galleries and in recent years I have participated in various personal and collective exhibitions in Germany and Italy, the last at the Mia Photo Fair in Milan in April 2022


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